Indigenous Research Network

Welcome to the home for the new Indigenous research initiatives from the Vice President & Provost office at the University of Toronto. It is staffed by the Indigenous Research Circle, which provides culturally safe support, guidance, inclusion and advice to OVPRI, and is led by Dr. Suzanne L Stewart, the Director of Waakebiness-Bryce Institute for Indigenous Health.

Three new specific initiatives to advance Indigenous research are underway. Indigenous academic community participation is at the heart of the development and implementation of new and revised programs, policies, and supports that efficiently and meaningfully builds on existing Indigenous research strengths and addresses current challenges. Learn more about our initiatives by reading the latest reports.

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Researcher Supports

The IRN’s services and supports are available to all faculty, staff and students at U of T who engage in Indigenous research, with specific events that are inclusive of all identities and specific resources for Indigenous faculty, staff, and students. IRN staff will meet in a group setting at group events, both online and in-person, and individually with anyone interested in accessing these supports. All of the supports and services are posted throughout this website and include

  • Training in methods & ethics
  • Proposal writing support
  • Funding support
  • matching with Indigenous communities for projects
  • Links to Indigenous U of T & community resources
  • Iindividual and group cultural & spiritual supports

Please fill out the Contact Form if you are interested in exploring IRN supports.

Indigenous Community Supports

Indigenous communities locally, regionally, and nationally are invited to reach out to the IRN staff for all their research needs. The IRC staff is available to provide research support to Indigenous communities and researcher teams in all stages of the research collaboration, proposal, conducting, and completing research projects. The IRN is committed to proving on-going support to communities by supporting building of capacity for research, in identifying, collaborating, and carrying out their research. This includes connecting them to internal U of T research funding and external funding sources.

All of the supports and services are posted throughout this website and include

This includes:

  • Matching communities with experienced and knowledge faculty from a database of U of T researchers who engage in Indigenous research.
  • Support in developing research and funding proposals
  • On-going support in carrying out their projects
  • Research methods and ethics training
  • Networking with other Indigenous communities regarding research
  • Access to Elders, Knowledge Keepers, and land-based and spiritual ceremony as part of the research process

Please fill out the Contact Form if you are interested in exploring IRN supports.