About Us

We have created an interconnected and collaborative network of researchers involved in the field of Indigenous research at the University of Toronto. This multi-campus, multidimensional network includes faculty members and staff involved in research related to the challenges Indigenous Peoples and communities face and to promote curricular transformations required.

This network encompasses those involved in the field of Indigenous research at UofT that respects and honours Indigenous cultures, knowledge, past and present

We are working to create a new and comprehensive Indigenous research ethics framework for Research Services at the University of Toronto that addresses challenges and gaps and builds on existing strengths.

Our goal is to bridge the gap between the research ethic board and participatory Indigenous communities to foster an understanding of what community-based participatory Indigenous research looks like.

Network Vision & Mission

Vision: Ethical academic Indigenous research that is community-driven and benefits Indigenous peoples, lands and communities.

Mission: To support and inspire Indigenous research at U of T by connecting people and communities with each other and academic, cultural and spiritual resources.

Leadership and Governance

The IRN is led by an Indigenous Research Circle, which includes the Advisory to the Provost on Indigenous Research, an Indigenous Special Projects Office, an Indigenous PDF, and Research Officer, and community and student research assistants. The IRC is governed by the WBIIH Elder’s Council and the division of the VPRI.